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Ad Infinitum here to stay

Ad Infinitum here to stay
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World War I-themed psychological horror available now on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S


War is hell enough without having to face the hideous demons of your own tortured mind, but you'll have to contend with both in Ad Infinitum, the newly released WWI-themed survival horror from indie developer Hekate.

Players step into the first-person boots of a former German infantryman who fought in World War I. But as with so many soldiers suffering post-traumatic stress disorder, the war never really ended for you, as the fallout afterward tore your personal life apart. Now alone in your opulent but empty family manor in Berlin, you suddenly find yourself transported back to the war, but this time even its worst familiar horrors are "overshadowed by vile and even more terrifying creatures." No longer able to distinguish fact from horrifying fantasy, you must now fight to regain your memories and your sanity across two different realities. Not only will you need to uncover "the secrets of your family within the walls of your own home," you must also find a way to evade the wretched monstrosities now stalking the muddy frontline trenches in France. Only by overcoming both can you hope to "break the endless cycle of suffering" and find peace once and for all.

A free-roaming 3D psychological horror game, Ad Infinitum promises to focus primarily on story and atmosphere with some "challenging" puzzle solving and survival elements mixed in. Though it plays out like "surreal war-torn nightmare," each distinct setting has been designed with "historically accurate equipment and environments." Progress involves alternating between your large family mansion in search of clues to remember your troubled past, and escaping the "death traps and terrifying creatures" now populating No Man's Land by discovering their origins, motivations and weaknesses. The threats may all be in your mind, but the consequences are very real in a game world that changes dynamically in response to your decisions, so danger could potentially be around every corner.

Ad Infinitum is ready now to download from Steam for Windows PC. Console versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S are available as well in both regular and "Nightmare" editions, the latter including a soundtrack and artbook along with the full game.


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