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Murder Is Game Over to continue with Streaming Death

Murder Is Game Over to continue with Streaming Death
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Demo available for sequel to last year's retro-RPG-styled detective and dog mystery, coming to PC this summer


When Hitheryon Games released Murder Is Game Over late last year, the response was somewhat muted. The biggest complaint, however, was simply that there wasn't more of it. But soon there will be – or more of the overarching franchise, at least, in the form of an upcoming sequel, Streaming Death.

While the previous game saw a young detective and his clue-sniffing canine companion investigate the death of a rich video game designer, this time around the now-named Guy and Cleo, respectively, return for an all-new murder mystery set on a remote peninsula. When social media starlet Pearl Brayshaw is "found murdered at the historical site of a Puritan-era witch hanging" in Massachusetts, most of the "superstitious residents attribute her death to a local ghost legend." Believing the case to have a much more tangible human explanation, Guy (and Cleo) set out to debunk the rumour of a "supernatural curse bewitching the area" before the killer is able to strike again. To catch the culprit, they'll need to search (and sniff) for evidence and clues, interview suspects and explore a village with "a dark past" dating back centuries.

As with its predecessor, Streaming Death is a top-down pixel art mystery with small character sprites reminiscent of the old 16-bit JRPGs. Don't let the presentation fool you, however, as the focus here isn't combat or stat-building but pure investigative work. Via mouse or keyboard, you'll thoroughly explore the "eerie seaside village" as both human and dog, each with their own unique gifts and limitations. Only by strategically using the advantages of both will you be able to crack the case and bring the perpetrator to justice.

There is no current target launch date just yet, but Murder Is Game Over: Streaming Death isn't far off, as it's due to be released on Steam for Windows PC sometime in the third quarter of 2023. While you wait, a playable demo is available to download, offering a first-hand sample of what to expect.


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