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Demo foretells upcoming arrival of Twilight Oracle

Demo foretells upcoming arrival of Twilight Oracle
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Kickstarter coming April 25th for comedic point-and-click fantasy adventure from the creator of The Corruption Within


There are plenty of globe-trotting adventures with exotic locations to visit, but most have one key limitation: their protagonists can only explore aboveground. Not so in Cosmic Void's upcoming comedic fantasy adventure Twilight Oracle, which lets players venture across both dry land and the ocean floor.

Leo is a slacker student whose grades are so bad with graduation looming that's he's in danger of being expelled. But the mystical Oracle believes him capable of so much more, so she petitions the school council to give him a quest to capture a "renegade disciple" to prove himself worthy. Sent tp a "forsaken world ... on the edge of the cosmos," Leo will have help on his adventure from three fellow students ""as lazy and useless" as him. Fortunately they also have their own unique gifts to contribute. Leo can breathe underwater, the telepathic Jill can read people's minds, Marcus can "conjure fire from thin air" and Olivia has the ability to "manipulate the properties of objects." Leo remains the only playable character, but the group must learn to work together if they're to succeed, and as they do they may even uncover their school's "dark past" along the way.

While Cosmic Void's previous two games (The Corruption Within, Blood Nova) have been first-person slideshow-style games with serious subject matter, Twilight Oracle has more in common with Void Breach, the comedic third-person adventure that preceded them, albeit with a much more refined pixel art style. Players will point-and-click their way through a variety of vivid fantastical environments ranging from the island shores to "underwater locations, caves, and forests." In your travels you'll collect inventory items to solve puzzles and interact with the many "awe-inspiring denizens that dwell in the deep, from fabled, elusive entities to colossal squids." All the while you'll be treated to the "witty (and at times, juvenile) banter" between the protagonist and his companions as they learn to cooperate in order to overcome the many obstacles they encounter.

If all goes well, we should see Twilight Oracle arriving on Windows PC sometime in January 2024, but that may depend on the success of the Kickstarter campaign planned for April 25th to help finance production. In the meantime, a playable demo is available on Steam to check out the start of the game right away.


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