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Twilight Oracle


Play as Leo, a struggling student with the ability to breathe underwater and walk on the ocean's surface, and explore the mysterious forests and shores of an alien world, plunging deep into its uncharted depths to uncover its secrets. Discover the awe-inspiring denizens that dwell in the deep, from fabled, illusive entities to colossal squids. Unravel the mysteries of the island with the help of your friends, each with their own unique ability. Collaborate with Marcus, who can conjure fire from thin air, Jill, who can read minds, and Olivia, who can manipulate the properties of objects. Available for Windows PC on Steam.



Twilight Oracle is a nostalgic ride through a zany fantasy world, though even its witty banter can’t hide the fact it’s a short story with a simple plot only good for a single afternoon’s fun. Read more



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