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Killer Frequency getting dialed in for release

Killer Frequency getting dialed in for release
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First-person "black comedy slasher adventure" is coming soon to PC and Meta Quest 2


Being a late night radio DJ sounds like all kinds of fun, spinning records and chatting with an unusual roster of oddballs on the phone. But what happens if a serial killer starts stalking all your callers? That's precisely the predicament you'll find yourself in when Team17 Digital's Killer Frequency arrives soon on PC and VR devices.

It's the 1980s, and you are Forrest Nash, a radio host working nights at the KFAM radio station in the ominously named American midwest town of Gallows Creek. It's nearly Halloween, and you've just begun hosting your show, the even more menacingly named "The Scream." This quickly proves to be a night like no other when "someone calls in with a horrifying discovery." In fact, it turns out that every one of the "eccentric small-town personalities" who calls in is being "stalked by a mysterious killer" and desperately needs your help over the airwaves to live through the night.

Described as a retro-inspired "slasher-fuelled adventure," Killer Frequency is a first-person 3D thriller spent entirely in and around the radio station. That's not nearly as limiting as it may sound, however, as there is over a square kilometre of "authentically detailed" territory to explore, filled with "dozens of physics-based objects straight from a bygone era, including a working cassette and record player." From here you'll need to run the switchboards, gather clues, solve puzzles, and make real-time decisions via branching dialogues, all while "tuning into a bevy of 1980s music, from classic rock-inspired tracks to righteous synthwave tunes."

No firm target release date has been announced yet, but Killer Frequency is listed as "coming soon" on Steam for Windows PC, along with an "optimized" VR version for Meta Quest 2.


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