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By golly, The Holy Gosh Darn is coming later this year

By golly, The Holy Gosh Darn is coming later this year
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Comedic time-twisting cartoon adventure unveiled for PC and consoles by the creators of Helheim Hassle


Adventure game heroes are often tasked with saving life on Earth as we know it, but the stakes are just a little bit higher in The Holy Gosh Darn, an upcoming comedy adventure from Perfectly Paranormal.

It's not terra firma but Heaven itself that's in jeopardy here, and you've only got six hours to save it! Good thing you're an angel who has the power to rewind time to do so. Cassiel is given the responsibility to "prevent an army of Phantoms" from overrunning her celestial home. To help her succeed, you'll need to "strap on your time-travelling watch and set about hopping between the past, present and future." Along the way you can expect to meet a "cast of ridiculous characters across dynamically changing locations in a bid to uncover the secret to life, the universe and ... well, everything."

If the "outrageous" sense of humour and cartoony art style seem familiar, that's because The Holy Gosh Darn is from the creators of the acclaimed 2020 puzzle-platformer Helheim Hassle. There are no disembodied body parts to manage here, however, just your wits and the titular artifact that allows you to jump back and forth through time to solve puzzles and interact with the game's electic cast of fantastical creatures, including "23 Heavenly Elders to insult." You'll also be traversing space, as you can travel freely between Heaven, Hell, Earth and Helheim in Metroidvania-style fashion. Progression is not linear, as the information you discover in one time and place can help "alter things in another in a bid to stop your universe from going bang. Again."

There is no firm target release date just yet, but The Holy Gosh Darn is due to arrive sometime before the end of this year on Steam for Windows PC, along with console versions for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms.


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