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Another Fisherman's Tale to emerge soon in VR

Another Fisherman's Tale to emerge soon in VR
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Sequel to 2019 puzzle-adventure totally reinvents mechanics for PSVR2, Meta Quest 2, and all PC VR platforms


InnerspaceVR made quite the splash – literally and figuratively – in 2019 with their debut VR-exclusive puzzle-adventure A Fisherman's Tale. For their latest offering, the indie French studio is returning to Bob the fisherman's world for a sequel but this time bringing a "total reinvention of its predecessor's mechanics."

The original game saw players control Bob in his lighthouse as he made smaller and smaller replications of himself within miniature worlds. Another Fisherman's Tale stars Nina, Bob's daughter, as she "discovers models, notes and photographs that document her father’s mysterious past, as well as her own childhood." As she learns more of Bob's "grandiose stories of pirates, sunken ships, treasures and mystical locations, Nina begins re-enacting his adventures and dives head-first into an imaginative world of memory and fantasy." In order to discern fact from fiction in her father's embellished recollections, however, she'll need to make strategic use of Bob's own (imagined) body parts in a "moving narrative about the meaning we create in life by building and rebuilding our authentic selves."

Over the course of a projected 5-6 hours, Another Fisherman's Tale will take players through "an assortment of magical worlds" both underwater and above, including the submerged Libertalia, the land of true freedom. Rather than simply reuse the same mechanics this time around, the developers have chosen to completely revamp the gameplay such that YOU are the puzzle here. Built "from the ground up to maximize the capabilities of modern VR tech," the game allows you to "detach limbs and hands from your body and physically control them remotely." You can even attach new limbs for unique skills, and they don't have to be human, such as pirate hook hands, a sharp crab's claw, or a fish tail to make you a better swimmer, to name just a few.

While there's no specific target release date just yet, Another Fisherman's Tale is due out soon on all major VR devices, including Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR2, and SteamVR.


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