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Delete After Reading to become permanent March 14th

Delete After Reading to become permanent March 14th
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Narrative puzzle adventure from the creators of Unmemory due out on PC and mobile devices


Is destiny already written, or are we the masters of our own fates to do with as we please? Well, in Delete After Reading, the upcoming new text-based narrative puzzle adventure from the creators of Unmemory, the answer is a little of both.

One day you receive an unusual device with a classified document inviting you to "take part in a secret mission to fix Destiny's latest injustice." The stakes are high, and something we can all surely relate to: Someone has stolen the only existing copy of one of the most influential video games ever made, The Curse of Penguin Island! Not just anyone, either, but the "despicable billionaire Martin Skrilhlex," who wants the game all to himself. This cannot stand, so you eagerly accept the invitation from the "peculiar ragtag bunch" behind it, including Nina, a fearless, point-and-click-loving 103-year-old ghost; an absentminded leprechaun scriptwriter of dreams named Cinco; and Tomate, a rabbit who claims to be John Belushi reincarnated, each with their own personal reasons for daring to defy Destiny. Together you'll need to "sneak into the tycoon's mansion and recover the video game so that everyone can enjoy it," all while taking great care to cover your tracks from Destiny's prying eyes.

The new game from indie Spanish developer Patrones & Escondites is much like their last, promising a "unique mix of literature, puzzles and escape room mechanics ... full of humor, adventure, and mischief." As with its predecessor, Delete After Reading is described as either "a book you can play, or a game you can read," but there are several key differences to make it more accessible, including a story that's "a bit shorter and less dense," puzzles that are "maybe a bit easier," and artwork featuring illustrations rather than photography. The basic text-based gameplay formula is the same, however, requiring players to read carefully to find clues for solving the puzzles you encounter along the way. But beware your choices, as when it comes to shaping your own destiny, you'll soon learn that "for every action, there are consequences that can't be undone."

The full version of Delete After Reading isn't far off, with an expected release date sometime this quarter on PC and mobile platforms. There's no need to wait to try it out, however, as a playable demo is already available to download on Steam for Windows and Mac.


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