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Path of Ra leads to PC, Switch and mobile devices

Path of Ra leads to PC, Switch and mobile devices
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Egyptian-themed sliding-tile puzzle-platformer available now on Steam, the App Store, Google Play and Nintendo eShop


The ancient Egyptians went to elaborate lengths to ensure their pharaohs enjoyed a comfortable passage through the afterlife. But what would become of the deceased ruler if something went disastrously wrong? That's no hypothetical question in Oneiric Tales' Path of Ra, a sliding-tile puzzle-platformer available now for purchase.

After dying tragically and being laid to rest, a (once) powerful pharaoh suddenly awakens to find "he has become a hieroglyph on the walls of his very own tomb." In order to find out what happened by uncovering the fragmented memories of the life – and death – of the ill-fated former King of Egypt, players must guide him through "60 unique puzzles inspired by the magnificent hieroglyphic frescoes of the pyramids."

In a creative twist on the traditional slider puzzle, the Path of Ra is comprised of a series of interconnected environmental tiles that must be physically traversed in order to open up new areas of exploration. Using simple swipe mechanics, at times you'll control the pharaoh himself as he runs across collapsing platforms and performs tasks like throwing switches, but at other times you'll assume a more god-like omnipotence and manipulate the tiles directly, sliding or swapping them in order to properly align them for the protagonist's safe passage. The goal is to collect pieces of the pharaoh's heart, but beware, as you'll also need to contend with those who would seek to make your death an eternal one.

Released earlier this month in Europe, Path of Ra is also available now in North America across multiple platforms, including PC on Steam, Switch on the Nintendo eShop, iOS on the App Store, and Android devices on Google Play.


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