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Nocturnal Visitors arrive on PC and consoles

Nocturnal Visitors arrive on PC and consoles
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First of a five-part, multi-character science-fantasy mystery series available now to download

Ever wonder where legends come from? What if they're all based on real people, places and things, but part of an alternate world not of our reality? Wouldn't that be an amazing place to visit? Well, be careful what you wish for, as things might not turn out like you expect, at least according to Nocturnal Visitors, the newly released debut installment of a science-fantasy adventure series by indie developer Miguel H. Death. 

Aliorbis is an alternate version of our own planet, where "magic and science, chaos and order, are two sides of the same coin." It's from here that every legend and myth we know of derive, including "magic, witches, ghosts, dragons" and more, thanks to the ability of uniquely gifted "Visitors" who can cross the barrier between worlds. Sixteen-year-old Jamie is one such interdimensional traveler, much to his surprise when he finds himself suddenly transported to Aliorbis after witnessing a paranormal event. Jamie soon discovers, however, that this seemingly idyllic alternate world has its own "underlying darkness," and before long he joins SEEK, an "organization that investigates crimes that are a threat to both worlds." With SEEK he begins looking into "morally grey crimes" that expose Aliorbis’s "dark and twisted past, filled with corruption and chaos, and gradually begins to wonder if he is truly on the right side of this story."

Created using the popular RPG Maker engine and presented like an old-school, bird's-eye roleplaying game, the self-described "fantasy thriller" is nevertheless a traditional narrative adventure that sees players exploring "gory crime scenes" and other locations, talking to other characters and searching for clues. In an interesting twist, while Jamie is the main character, players will have a chance to control five other characters as well, each with their own "unique personalities, backgrounds and points of view." Regardless of who you're controlling, you're encouraged to interact with anyone and everything, as "ninety percent of the elements present in the game are interactive and provide context for both the plot and characters." Accompanying your investigation will be an original soundtrack comprised of multiple artists, among them two songs by Onlap, a French heavy metal band. 

Nocturnal Visitors is available now on Steam for Windows PC, along with console versions for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles, with Xbox to follow soon. Projected to take between three to five hours to complete, this game is intended to be just the first of a five-part ongoing series, with this introductory installment building towards the release of its upcoming sequel, Down the Abyss


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