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The Game Maker revealed as next Carol Reed adventure

The Game Maker revealed as next Carol Reed adventure
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Eighteenth installment in MDNA Games' indie mystery series coming to Windows and Mac on January 1st


The turn of a new calendar year can mean different things to people: a fresh start; another set of resolutions you're going to stick to this time; and for some, a regrettable hangover from a bit too much partying the night before. For adventure gamers, though, there's usually another reason to celebrate: the launch of a brand new Carol Reed mystery. Fortunately 2023 will be no exception, as indie Swedish developer MDNA Games has just announced the eighteenth installment in the long-running series, appropriately named The Game Maker.

Carol's in need of a vacation, but she's going to have to earn a little extra money first, so she agrees to investigate the disappearance of Dalton Jonson's wife Daria. Carol soon discovers that an "elusive video game designer seems to have a very hostile attitude towards Daria." Far more troubling is that this same developer's past three "eccentric and unsuccessful games" seem to take responsibility for "three recent brutal murders: three men who were sedated, strangled, and placed in public locations with their hands tied behind their backs." What does all this have to do with Daria? That's for Carol (and players) to figure out.

Experienced series fans will know exactly what to expect from The Game Maker's presentation and gameplay: Just like its predecessors, it is a first-person slideshow-style point-and-click adventure in which players will explore a wide variety of photographic real Swedish locations. There you'll need to collect clues, solve puzzles, and chat with the locals in order to turn up new evidence that might lead to the missing woman's whereabouts.

Ringing in the new year, The Game Maker will be launched as a digital download for Windows and Mac on January 1st, exclusively from the developer's website.


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