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The Isle Tide Hotel set to open in spring 2023

The Isle Tide Hotel set to open in spring 2023
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Live-action interactive mystery from Interflix Media and Wales Interactive revealed for PC, consoles and mobile devices


There are certain overnight lodgings you might enjoy visiting but should think twice about staying at: the Hotel California, the Bates Motel and the Overlook Hotel spring immediately to mind. Come next spring, to that list you might just want to add the setting for the next interactive movie by Wales Interactive, The Isle Tide Hotel.

This particular hotel is only open "every three years for three nights," where it hosts a "strange mix of colourful characters hiding personal traumas [who] gather to uncover the one thread binding them" in their ongoing search for the elusive "meaning of life." This year will be different, however, as this "mysterious organisation must decide whether to break their own etiquettes and hand over a teenage girl to their elusive founder, Dr. Aniston, who promises her sacrifice will conclude their purpose." With time running out, it's up to the estranged father of Eleanor Malone to "rescue his teenage daughter from an eclectic cult before their final night."

Developed by Interflix Media, The Isle Tide Hotel is an interactive FMV adventure inspired by the branching choice-and-consequence gameplay of classic RPGs and films like Agatha Christie’s Crooked House and Rian Johnson’s Knives Out. Controlling Eleanor's father, desperate to save "the daughter you've never met," every decision you make will affect the story, so it's up to you to choose how to infiltrate the hotel and what to do once you're in, where your actions will be gauged in part by a "real-time personality and cult association tracker." There will be seven main endings with fourteen different outcomes, as well as side quests that have their own dedicated endings depending on whether or not you're able to solve their "ruthless narrative puzzles" along the way.

There is no firm target release date just yet, but The Isle Tide Hotel is scheduled to get a simultaneous cross-platform release in the second quarter of 2023 for Windows PC on Steam, along with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android versions.


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