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First glimpse of Life Is Strange: Double Exposure revealed

First glimpse of Life Is Strange: Double Exposure revealed
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Alternate-reality murder mystery starring Max Caulfield coming to PC and consoles on October 29th

Max Caufield first became a household name (at least in adventure gaming circles) almost a decade ago as the star of Don't Nod Entertainment's acclaimed teen drama, Life Is Strange. Since then the series has carried on largely without her, often under the direction of Deck Nine Games. Now, however, Deck Nine is ready to bring the franchise's original heroine back into the fold in the upcoming new supernatural mystery, Double Exposure.

Max has grown up somewhat in the intervening years. Now she's a "photographer-in-residence at the prestigious Caledon University," but trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes. Alone one night in the park, Max stumbles across the dead body of her best friend Safi in the snow. Hoping to use her paranormal power to rewind time and prevent Safi's murder, just as she did years earlier to save Chloe Price, Max inadvertently triggers a brand new ability instead, allowing her to enter a "parallel timeline where Safi is still alive and still in danger." Believing the killer will strike again in both realities, Max must figure out a way to navigate the two parallel timelines to "solve and prevent the same murder." 

As with its popular predecessors, Double Exposure is a free-roaming, third-person 3D adventure with a heavy focus on storytelling over puzzle challenge. Throughout the wintry school campus are twice the number of characters and possibilities as you must "forge allies and pursue suspects across two versions of reality, shaping both timelines through unforgettable choices." In one timeline a "relentless detective has Max in his sights," while in the other "Safi’s killer grows closer with every clue uncovered." Progress will depend on making strategic use of Max's ability to shift between realities, and players must help Max "survive long enough to do the impossible." 

While Life Is Strange: Double Exposure isn't quite ready yet, it already has a specific release date, as the game will be arriving on Steam for Windows PC on October 29th, along with console versions for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. The console versions will be available in Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate editions, the latter offering exclusive early access to the first two chapters. 


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