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DETECTIVE files re-opened with Minerva case launch

DETECTIVE files re-opened with Minerva case launch
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Standalone sequel to Stella Porta case available now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms

An investigator's work is never done, even if they have to travel to the future to solve their latest mystery. Such is the next challenge for players with today's release of Minerva case, the new standalone installment in k148 Game Studio's DETECTIVE series. 

While Stella Porta case was set in present day, tasking players with solving a series of three seemingly disparate missing persons cases, the sequel takes place in the year 2068. It's then that Lupa Corps, a "company specialized in creating domestic artificial intelligence, is about to revolutionize the world with its new creation, Minerva." The best-laid plans are soon disrupted, however, by the murder of Kane, a "well-known hacker wanted by justice." As it turns out, Kane is only the first of several murders you'll need to investigate as the detective assigned to the job. Is there a serial killer on the loose, and how is each victim connected Lupa Corps and Minerva? Over the course of six distinct scenarios in which "science fiction meets intense crime-solving," you'll have to piece together the evidence in a case "where nothing is what it seems" if you're ever to uncover the truth.

Though the eras may be decades apart, there are many more similarities than differences between Minerva case and its predecessor. Presented in free-roaming, first-person 3D, the game once again offers a "crime deduction and resolution" experience, requiring you to examine crime scenes first-hand for "hidden clues that others might overlook," scour computer files and other personal electronic devices to "delve into the characters’ psyches" and discover their motivations, and "use your analytical skills to connect the dots and make sense of the evidence." Once you've formed your deductions, you can put them to the test back in the relative comfort of your office. 

Amateur sleuths and other "lovers of science fiction, crimes and original stories" can start investigating right away, as DETECTIVE: Minerva case is available now to download on Steam for Windows PC, along with console versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox devices.


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