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Incubus nearly ready for possession on Windows PC

Incubus nearly ready for possession on Windows PC
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New ghost-hunting tale from Darkling Room coming soon to Steam


Jonathan Boakes and Matt Clark knows ghosts. They may be a little hazy on release dates, but they're experts at things that go bump in the night. From Dark Fall to The Lost Crown to Barrow Hill, the pair of indie British developers have compiled an impressive catalogue of spooky goosebump-raising experiences. And soon we can expect another in the form of Darkling Room's upcoming haunted house adventure, Incubus: A ghost-hunters tale.

Eerie real-world tales are told about the house in London's East End with the unfortunate (but perhaps all-too-accurate) address of 6 Dread Pit Road. There have been several owners and many tenants at "House 6" but none dared stay for long and many fled in terror with their own personal reports of "malevolent forces" at work. The house now sits empty, and it's time to get to the bottom of this mystery. Players assume the role of a ghost hunter on their very first assignment, under the "watchful instructions of Bear and Jen from the O.P.G paranormal team." Throughout the course of one night, you'll need to keep your wits about you and use "real gadgets in a real location" in order to pinpoint paranormal activity.

As with Darkling Room's previous game, Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil, Incubus is first-person node-based adventure with 360-degree panning at each station. To help you in your search, you'll have a variety of regular tools to interact with the environment, as well as special instruments needed to hunt for any signs of spectral presence, such as an EMF recorder for identifying electromagnetic fields (energy sources either natural or supernatural); a video camera with abilities beyond the naked eye, including thermal imaging; and a digital audio recorder for electronic voice phenomena. To help you keep track of what you've seen and where, you'll have access to a complete floor plan of the house that you can update with any findings you encounter. There will be some puzzles to solve along the way, but never let your guard down, as this house, this night, "the ghosts are aware!"

There is currently no firm release date for Incubus: A ghost-hunters tale (I warned you earlier), but if all goes well, the game should be "coming soon" on Steam for Windows PC.


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