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Chromatic Memories fully formed on Steam

Chromatic Memories fully formed on Steam
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Art-themed exploration of grief, loss, and acceptance available today for Windows, Mac and Linux

We all have our own psychological defense mechanisms for dealing with unwanted, unpleasant memories, but in Perla Oculta's Chromatic Memories, doing so is less an exact science than an actual new art form. 

It's the early 2000s in the Canary Islands, and thanks to modern new techologies, "so-called painters of memories can access and alter people's brains, changing or even erasing their memories." Nayara is one such artist with this talent, but one day she begins noticing unexplained alterations in her own life, with certain items out of place and others missing entirely. Suddenly it dawns on Nayara that she has altered her own memories as well, of course with no recollection of having done so or what memories have been erased in the process. Left to wonder what was "so painful or unbearable that she wanted to forget it for good," now Nayara is determined to revisit key periods in her life, "talk to people that were present in some of those memories and gather bits and pieces of information that will help her solve this mystery." 

Chromatic Memories is a point-and-click slideshow-style game presented in a "Fauvist art style, inspired by avant-garde artists from the early 20th century," accompanied by a soundtrack "based on Spanish folk music and Andalusian rock (a fusion of progressive rock, blues and flamenco)." Described as "cozy" adventure dealing with the otherwise very uncozy themes of "grief, loss, and acceptance," the story sees players uncovering old contacts and conversing with former friends and acquaintances to piece together the missing details of her past. As an artist, Nayara also has the "ability to tie specific memories to emotions and even to different points in time." Progress will result in new pigments being acquired, allowing her to "craft new colors" through puzzles and minigames that can then be used to continue exploration.  

Designed for Windows, Mac and Linux, Chromatic Memories is available today on Steam, and here's a link in case you forget.


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