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Mexico, 1921. A Deep Slumber. shows first signs of stirring with demo release

Mexico, 1921. A Deep Slumber. shows first signs of stirring with demo release
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Upcoming edutainment adventure about a pivotal time in Mexican history unveiled for PC

How much do you know about Mexican history? There's only two acceptable answers to that question: 1) Not a lot, or 2) Quite a bit, but I'd love to know more! Either way, Mácula Interactive has you covered with their upcoming edutainment adventure, Mexico, 1921. A Deep Slumber., which takes players back to the most influential period of the country's modern history. 

The early 1900s were a turbulent time for Mexico, but following a decade of conflict in the Mexican Revolution, the country seemed poised for better things in 1921 under the recently elected president Álvaro Obregón Salido. And yet just seven years later, shortly after his re-election, Obregón was "murdered while surrounded by his friends and colleagues." But how was his assassination plotted? It's your job, as a young photojournalist named Juan Aguirre, to step into post-revolutionary Mexico City, and "cover the news that will not only shape the course of a country, but also his own life." With notebook and camera in hand, you will have the opportunity to explore the city, interview key characters, and "photograph the historical events that formed Mexico" in its "whirlwind transformation to modernity." 

Presented in free-roaming third-person perspective with a stylish painterly aesthetic "inspired by Mexican artists' graphic techniques," Mexico, 1921 promises to put players at the forefront of an "emotional and intriguing narrative adventure video game about the awakening of a country." You'll discover many historic sites like the National Palace and the old Merced Convent, visit the famous Castañeda psychiatric hospital and "travel with Dr. Atl inside Popocatépetl’s crater to discover the birth of the galaxy." Along the way you can "drink mezcal with Mexico's most famous muralists, have conversations with politicians, writers, poets and more. 

But remember you're there to do your job of capturing important historical moments on film and gathering information for your stories. Since "no blurry picture ever made the front page," you'll need to adjust the camera's "depth of field, aperture and zoom to capture interesting pictures," and if interviews don't yield all the details you require, you can always snoop around and eavesdrop. After all, "it's not gossiping if it's for journalistic purposes!" Even if you think you have enough for your reports, it's worth scouring for the city for over 100 different objects that "can trigger side missions and historical data that will turn your game into an interactive documentary archive." Doing so will help achieve one of the designers' objectives, which is to "change the collective imagery of what it means to be Mexican."

While there's no target timeline for the launch of Mexico, 1921. A Deep Slumber., you can take a quick jaunt to Mexico City right away through the playable demo available on Steam for Windows PC. 


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