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Project RyME begins operating on PC

Project RyME begins operating on PC
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Complete game, demo available on Steam for accessible hacker-styled investigative mystery 

Imagine solving an entire mystery without every leaving the comfort of your own chair.... Well, I guess that describes all adventure game mysteries, but it's rare to be able to do it in-game, like you can in solo developer Strange Qwarq's newly released Project RyME.

It's been six months since Mira's father disappearened, presumed dead, with no new leads as to his fate. Then one day, out of the blue, an "odd, old computer" arrives that is "unlike any computer she had seen before and convinced her the answer to his disappearance could be found on it." With the police having already abandoned the case, it's up to players to help Mira uncover the truth about what happened to her father. By exploring a "unique corner of the internet," you will "use a variety of techniques to hack your way into systems that might have clues," perhaps with the "help of some interesting allies" along the way.

Similar to Hyperspace Outlaw, Project RyME is spent entirely behind the monitor of this curious old computer, navigating its early-Windows-style OS to search its files. When those don't provide all the answers you seek, you can "hack into various systems using techniques inspired by real cybersecurity vulnerabilities." You can even "use the command terminal to access other computers, run advanced operations and explore the network," aided by an "interactive tutorial and extensive in-game resources" that make such functions accessible to everyone, regardless of personal computer expertise. Online you'll meet a varietyh of people with whom you can chat to "discuss strategies, review clues and talk about your favorite anime." And while this game is a "story-focused puzzle adventure" at heart, you can access many narratively interwoven minigames spanning a wide range of different genres to keep the experience fresh. 

If you're game for some digital sleuthing, just navigate your way to Steam, where Project RyME is out now for Windows PC. If you'd prefer a trial run first, a playable demo is also available to download to check it out before jumping in.  


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