The Real Lost Crown and Barrow Hill

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July 19, 2023

Today we join the Adventure Game Geek as he goes on a real-life adventure to Cornwall in search of locations from The Lost Crown and Barrow Hill, with the help of Aaron Gwynaire from Defy Reality Entertainment, who’s developing his own Myst-inspired game, Neyyah. Will they discover what they’re looking for or be doomed to wander the Cornish coast forever?

Guiding them, fortunately, are Jonathan Boakes of Darkling Room and Matt Clark of Shadow Tor Studios, who are masters at creating dark and mysterious atmospheres in their games, which also include the popular Dark Fall series. They all take inspiration from the English landscape of Cornwall, and The Lost Crown in particular is created from photos taken in and around the harbor towns of Polperro and Looe. These places are still recognizable 15 years after the game’s release, so we can follow in the footsteps of protagonist Nigel Danvers, who explores the mysteries of the in-game town of Saxton and the surrounding area.



That same day they visited Duloe Stone Circle, the inspiration for Barrow Hill and Matt Clark’s latest game Beltane. The sentry stone guards the circle and will burn any unwelcome intruders to ash, along with anyone who doesn’t go watch these videos and subscribe to Geek’s channel…. Well, maybe that’s just a Cornish legend, but we recommend you do it anyway!



The subtitle of The Lost Crown is “A Ghosthunting Adventure,” and Jonathan and Matt are also real-life ghosthunters. They use the same gadgets Nigel Danvers has in the game, like an old-fashioned tape recorder to capture supernatural sounds, and an EMF meter for detecting paranormal phenomena. Geek was invited to go out with them one night to a haunted placed in the local woods, but he was too exhausted from his adventures that day. That didn’t deter the intrepid ghosthunters, however, so be sure to check out their nighttime adventures, caught on film at the spooky Trelawne Manor.



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