Police Quest I – A Fair and Balanced Retrospective

police quest i retrospective teaser

July 15, 2023

Sierra On-Line’s Police Quest series launched in 1987 with In Pursuit of the Death Angel. It was touted as a real-life glimpse into the day-to-day life of being a law enforcement officer and was designed by a former highway patrol cop, Jim Walls.

As Sonny Bonds, the player was expected to patrol the streets of the fictional Californian town of Lytton looking for transgressors and trespassers until they would eventually take down the drug-peddling scourge of the city, known as The Death Angel, all while keeping a close eye on the included game manual to make sure they followed proper police procedure.

Now, after a six-month absence from making videos, the Space Quest Historian returns to match wits with the scumbags of Lytton and sees if he has the mettle to rise through the ranks and rain down some sweet justice… without losing what remains of his sanity in the process.



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