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Five Top Upcoming Adventure Games – April 2024

Five Top Upcoming Adventure Games – April 2024

Trailer compilation of the most anticipated new releases

So many new games, so hard to keep track! This list is by no means exhaustive, but our latest trailer compilation shines a spotlight on five of the most promising new adventures we're most excited about, due for release this month. In April we'll get a promising new fantasy pixel art adventure from the creator of The Castle, a cozy first-person game for the green thumbs among us, the loooooong-awaited arrival of a brand new claymation/stop-motion adventure, a gritty isometric exploration of the post-apocalypse, and a hi-tech Viking-themed mystery to unravel! Also, more. And that's no April Fool's joke!

Featured this month:

The Legend of Skye
Botany Manor
Harold Halibut
The Curse of Grimsey Island

Other notable releases due out in April:

No Report
M City
Bent Oak Island
Retro Mystery Club Vol.2: The Beppu Case
Fragmented Almanac
Case Files: Behind Closed Doors


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