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Charles Cecil reforges Broken Sword and escapes Alcatraz

Charles Cecil reforges Broken Sword and escapes Alcatraz

With Broken Sword Reforged a fair way through its already incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign, we were eager to chat with Revolution Software’s head honcho Charles Cecil to learn more about the company’s upcoming 4K enhanced remake. But any visit with Charles is an uplifting, insightful experience that quickly leads to new surprises and unexpected places. Did you know that he’ll be swimming from Alcatraz to the San Francisco mainland for the third year in a row, an endeavour hatched over dinner with Rolf Saxon (voice of George Stobbart) but sealed by a courageous cancer survivor? Or that he held court with a resistant Ron Howard about the direction of The Da Vinci Code video game, winging the conversation on the spot? Or that he briefly (if not particularly seriously) considered pilfering a thirteenth-century trebuchet stone long untouched by human hands from its historic fort site?

The ever charming, humble and thoughtfully articulate Charles regaled Jack and Joshua with these stories and more, including serendipitous encounters that would help shape some of the most iconic adventure games of all time. He even engaged in a free-flowing top five of most memorable adventure game puzzles, good OR bad. (You’ll never guess who cited the infamous Shadows of the Templars goat puzzle as one of the latter!)

An interview with Charles Cecil is not to be missed, and we know you’ll enjoy hearing about his many real-life adventures that make most game protagonists’ seem dull in comparison. Enjoy.


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