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Joe Richardson video interview – Death of the Reprobate

Joe Richardson video interview – Death of the Reprobate
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As a fan of developer Joe Richardson’s previous adventure games Four Last Things and The Procession to Calvary, it was great to grab the indie UK developer for a chat about his upcoming third and final entry in the series, Death of the Reprobate, as the demo hit Steam Next Fest.

Anyone familiar with the first two games will be pleased to see the unique art style – mixing together landscapes, people and objects from various real Renaissance paintings and animating them – is still very much present, as is the bawdy and surreal humour. This time you play the son of Immortal John, protagonist of Four Last Things, on a quest to do seven good deeds as part of his father’s dying wish. (It turns out he’s not so immortal after all.)

It’s looking like Death of the Reprobate will be released some time later this year, but in the meantime, to hear more about how Joe makes such intricate scenes from real-life paintings, what to expect from the series finale, and what Joe wants to do next after finishing this game, check out our interview here:

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