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The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast Laughs All the Way to Thimbleweed Park

The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast Laughs All the Way to Thimbleweed Park
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The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast, aka Anna Vigue and Paul Korman, shows no sign of slowing down. Another month means another pair of often amusing, frequently insightful, always irreverent (and sometimes completely bonkers) discussions of any and all things adventuring. Their latest two shows should particularly tickle people's funny bones, but we'll let Paul (also the developer of The Phantom Fellows) describe them in his own distinctly Paul-ish way:

"In Sacrificial Waffles, Anna and I embark on a journey of self-growth, where you might say we learn a few things a long the way. Or maybe along the way. Spelling that word is one of the things we learned. If you're a fan of adventure games, laughter or Nietzsche, you're going to want to listen to this one. It's even got some accidental profundity at the end... Okay, wanna know what's actually talked about in the episode? Fair enough. Defining adventure comedy, fourth wall breaking, red herrings, narration, in-jokes, visual gags, funny deaths, parody, straight-man characters and more! Actually, no more. Just those things I just said and nothing – not a single other thing, ever. Mangia!"

Sacrificial Waffles: The Divine Comedy of Adventure Games


"This week Anna and I talk about Thimbleweed Park and I say "to those listening" a lot, which is weird because that's everyone. But besides that it’s actually pretty listenable and it serves as a comprehensive* review of a modern classic. Mangia! (*arguably. It’s arguably comprehensive.)"

Thimbleweed Park


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