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Best Games of Adventure Jam 2023 – Adventure Game Geek's Top Ten

Best Games of Adventure Jam 2023 – Adventure Game Geek's Top Ten
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Adventure games aren't made in two weeks … unless it's for the Adventure Jam! This is a yearly game jam where developers have only fourteen days to make a game, and this year there was a record number of entries with over 300! Adventure Game Geek sorted through the whole jammy lot and made a video of his top ten picks, with the help of the Space Quest Historian counting down from his command centre. It's a little different list from the "official" results, but of course there are a lot of similarities.

It's a real challenge to achieve high quality in such a short time, but there are some devs who manage to consistently pull it off. It would be too much of a spoiler to give away all the games on this list ahead of time, but AGG's choices include one from Gugames, whose previous jam entry The Will of Arthur Flabbington is now being made into a full commercial game. Then there's Powerhoof with the latest entry in the Telwynium series of fantasy EGA-style adventures. (If you'd like to learn more about Powerhoof's upcoming full game The Drifter, check out the Hotspot's podcast with studio co-founder Dave Lloyd.)

AGG also interviewed Marco Giorgini for this video, whose jam games are always long and complex and often involve multiple characters and time travel, not unlike Pixel's Time Paradox by Goloso Games, which is a spinoff from Inspector Waffles... Sorry, we said we wouldn't do this, so we should probably wrap this up before we spill all the jam! Let's just say that Adventure Jam is a great way for programmers, artists, voice actors and everyone involved in the game-making process to collaborate and come up with ideas, like in Shards of God, where a guy in a golden suit of armor pretends to be an immortal emperor until he gets stabbed in the chest under mysterious circumstances and...

Okay, for real this time, we're stopping now before the spoiler police come to take us away! Enjoy the video, then (and only then) scroll down for links to every game on the list. Did we mention they're all completely free to play?



Spoiler Alert (with links!)

10. Interstellar Interruption

9. The Alignment Paradox

8. Under the Sea


6. The Telwynium: Book Three

5. Pixel's Time Paradox

4. Shards of God

3. No Rest for the Wicked

2. Twisted Times in Twinsmouth



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