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Adventure Game Hotspot Network Presents: Adventure Game Geek Shares a Fable

Adventure Game Hotspot Network Presents: Adventure Game Geek Shares a Fable
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In his latest old-school gaming retrospective, Adventure Game Geek points and clicks his way through Fable, Simbiosis Interactive’s one and only game ever released. Was this 1996 fantasy (not to be confused with Lionhead's 2004 action/RPG by the same name) a one-hit wonder, or as a wise adventurer once described it, “an example of the golden age of games written by dirty minded male nerds left to their own devices?”

“Give 'em hell Quickthorpe!” These are the last words spoken by the village elder to the young lad who’s been given the task of defeating four beasts and recovering four jewels that will save his land from destruction … or whatever. The backstory has something to do with astral beings called the Mecubarz, but it’s really just an excuse to go off on yet another fantasy fetch quest to different lands, encountering strange creatures like a swamp lizard that hypnotizes you with a drum, and finding magical artifacts like a toxic steak you stick in an old smelly sock and feed to a shark. Just your typical adventure game shenanigans!

Okay, so this isn’t exactly groundbreaking adventuring, and the awkward interface takes some getting used to, but it does have a quirky charm to it and some silly humor mostly involving Quickthorpe hitting on every lady he meets. The graphics are also nice and colorful, showcased on the box, which as far as we know is the only one besides The Pagemaster that’s ever been designed like a book. The original ending of Fable is infamous for being a bit of a letdown – in other words, it was a load of bollocks and the developer changed it for the US release. This might explain why Adventure Game Geek has more than one copy, but why three? Find out in this episode!



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