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Speedrunners skip the worst parts of Space Quest IV

Speedrunners skip the worst parts of Space Quest IV
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Two years ago, OneShortEye documented the efforts of speedrunners to finish Sierra's Space Quest IV: Roger Wilco and the Time Rippers in under ten minutes. Impressive stuff! And that was that, right? Well, not so fast – or rather, much too slow. Record times aren't so much achievements to speedrunners as they are challenges to do better. And in his latest video, OneShortEye reveals how they've done just that.

Joined this time by Space Quest Historian, who knows more about the series than any one person probably should, OneShortEye details the various new tricks and exploits used by fellow speedrun whizzes like Swimfan and SantaClaus. Platform railings? Wandering out of bounds makes those a thing of the past, as SQH notes that "Sierra game are notoriously broken in this regard." Laser deaths? Live through 'em! Time pod stall-outs? Keep that sucker humming! Insanely long freaking passcodes? Shorter! (But still don't flush the SQIV icon from the supercomputer. That would be bad.) 

You won't BELIEVE how fast the game came be completed now. And even if you would, we're not going to tell you, since that's what the video is for. Admittedly, it's now a "time travel game with no time travel," but speedrunners do what speedrunners must to shave precious seconds off. 

So that's finally that, right? 

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