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Talisman casts its charms on AdventureGameGeek

Talisman casts its charms on AdventureGameGeek
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Back in June of 2019, Accursed Farms made a video on The Cave World Saga and uncovered the mysteries of this exclusively German adventure game for an English-speaking audience. Ever since then, AdventureGameGeek has been meaning to do the same with another of the many games that have never found their way to English shores. In his Fable video he talked about why he has three copies of the box, but what he didn’t mention is that he also has a German CD that comes as a 2-in-1 with Talisman, which happens to be the next adventure game after The Cave World Saga published by Software 2000. 
Just like that game, Talisman is only in German, although it actually has an opening title song in English, as well as an unofficial music video made by POP Productions. Spoiler: the music video was actually made by AGG’s friend Selmar in Germany! And so, with some help from his German companion, AGG sets out to reveal what Talisman is all about in his latest video, at least as far as he can understand it after spending countless hours translating everything – and even then some things just get lost in translation, if they ever really made sense in the first place! 
In Talisman we play as Alex, whose village was ravaged by demons when he was a kid. Now that he’s grown up, he wants to find out if there’s anything of his past life left, and what happened to his grandfather’s magical talisman. His journey will take him out of the caves where he’s been living for the last ten years into the fantasy world of Thurania, meeting a bunch of quirky characters along the way and learning plenty of German insults. There’s a zombie ship captain with a giant nail through his head, a talking rug, a tyrannical vampire general who’s banned sea snake rental, and a thief with a dagger in her.… Well, anyway, every time Alex travels to a new location, a cutscene plays showing the book of Talisman, and a sphere with a girl in a tower inside. Who is this girl in the tower? AGG is still looking for the answer! In any case, as you'll soon see for yourselves, it’s all just a normal day in Thurania.

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