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Save Your Game, a new AGHN podcast partner, returns to Monkey Island

Save Your Game, a new AGHN podcast partner, returns to Monkey Island
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A welcome new entry to the Adventure Game Hotspot Network, the Save Your Game podcast brings together the wit of adventure game veterans PushingUpRoses and the Hotspot's own Matt Aukamp as they delve into the world of adventure gaming to bring us news, reviews and commentary with a twist of humor. 

In this episode, Matt gives us a glimpse into the world of Harold Halibut, PushingUpRoses vents her frustrations at Police Quest I and Matt gives us his initial review of a new RPG, The Thaumaturge.

For the main act, the pair take us on a journey that explores the rich and complicated history of the Monkey Island series that culminates in a thought-provoking, somewhat philosophical, somewhat introspective analysis of Return to Monkey Island and the creative mind of Ron Gilbert.

Along the way, Matt takes a bath and realizes that nobody can see him. Taylor Swift's new album is rebranded Mario 3D (Fortnite Edition)! Meanwhile, PushingUpRoses discovers she is not, in fact, nine feet tall while regaling us with tales of cat rescue that dwarf even Elaine's liberation of Guybrush.

Don't miss out on this fun-packed, philosophical, feline-filled extravaganza!

If you like what you hear (and we know you will), be sure to check out the rest of Save Your Game's impressive, prolific library of podcasts, as they've come out of the gate charging, with a whopping dozen other shows available now!

Save Your Game is part of the Adventure Game Hotspot Network, a collective of talented, dedicated content producers who work entirely independently but have joined forces to promote each other’s efforts. All opinons expressed belong solely to the original creators. 



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