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Space Quest I big boxes — common, rare, and one-of-a-kinds

Space Quest I big boxes — common, rare, and one-of-a-kinds
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If the Space Quest Historian's recent exploration of The Sarien Encounter's more sadistic gameplay elements has you hankering for more Roger Wilco nostalgia, you'll get a kick (or Kixx, in one case) out of his latest video detailing all– well, some of Space Quest I's many big box variations. And there are a LOT. Most of which SQH seems to own, as he unboxes many different versions before our eyes, including the "Rocket Box," the "Screenshot Box" (with misprinted subvariant displaying a mirrored Two Guys photo on the back), a range of different VGA remake boxes and one downgraded 16-colour EGA version you'd need to read the fine print to recognize, a budget-label CD-ROM not published by Sierra, and of course the gold standard "Black Box" editions in alternate gridded and ungridded forms. Whew! Of course, SQH can't resist boasting about his day at Scott Murphy's house and the rarest of game copies he came away with (the first. ever. Space Quest!), but as jealous as we are, we still love him anyway. 

So collectors: enjoy! And for everyone else, it's a fun way to live vicariously through those paying through the pig-nose to buy these rare big box gems. 

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