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Adventure Game Geek explores Rose Cottage with Hollow Lane Games

Adventure Game Geek explores Rose Cottage with Hollow Lane Games
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Rose Cottage sounds like a quaint little English destination for a quiet weekend getaway, not the title of a potentially haunted mansion that serves as a funeral home. The phrase is actually a euphemism dating back to the Victorian period, referring to a mortuary in a manner that could be spoken about politely by hospital staff in front of families. And knowing what, which sounds like the better adventure game? Clearly the latter, which is why we're eagerly looking forward to Hollow Lane Games' upcoming adventure with that name, beautifully presented in 4K hand-painted artwork.

It's 1910, and Detective Inspector Edward Barrington recives a phone call from his father-in-law Thomas Gray of the Hollow Lane Mortuary, requesting his help to discover why all of the employees have suddenly and mysteriously disappeared. Edward believes this to be a regular missing persons case, but naturally he'll soon come to realize that there's much more to it – and the mansion – than that. 

To learn more about Rose Cottage, Adventure Game Geek nabbed designer David Tonkinson for an audio interview interrogation about the game. David talks about the difficulty of making a game this ambitious, and of the balance between telling a ghost story and an otherwise thoughtful exploration of a family's grief. He also shares the film inspiration for his protagonist, a man who is intentionally "a bit silly" but not so much as to be "bumbling." As it turns out, in a welcome bit of serendipity, the same actor – Paul Flannery – was available to voice Edward in the game! These topics and more are discussed in AGG's video below, and when you're done watching, be sure to check the demo of the game available now now Steam

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