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Arthur & Susan become Almost Detectives on PC

Arthur & Susan become Almost Detectives on PC
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Cozy comedic cartoon mystery with three separate cases available now for download on Steam

Some detectives WE are. Somehow Arthur & Susan: Almost Detectives managed to slip out right under our noses a while back. But better late than never to correct the oversight, and we'll get to hone our observation skills not once but three times in Apexchimps's comedic cartoon mystery adventure. 

The titular would-be sleuths are "inseparable friends" who enjoy solving mysteries together. What they weren't expecting was to suddenly find themselves in the middle of one affecting them personally. Susan is having a particularly good day, having just finished her first screenplay, when she returns to her family shop to find that a priceless heirloom has been stolen, an amulet given to her by her father before his suspicious death. And so she sets out with her dog Rufus to find the fabulously mustached Arthur and enlist his help in finding the culprit. Their investigation will take them all over the city and ultimately branch out into two additional cases, one involving a media tycoon whose life has been threatened, and the other a missing soap opera actress. Each case is unique, with "some characters reappearing, some evidence vanishing, and people turning out to be not who you initially thought they were," but all three have something in common that will gradually reveal itself in the end.

Presented in a delightfully colourful cartoon style with simple point-and-click mechanics, Arthur & Susan allows players to control both protagonists at various times. Each of them have their own distinct perspectives and approaches, which you'll need to keep in mind in deciding whom to have speak and when. There are 30 different "charming, cheeky and charismatic characters" to meet and interact with along the way, every one of them a potential suspect with "their own tales, motives and secrets." You'll not only need to keep a sharp eye out for over 100 inventory items required for solving puzzles, but also closely observe people during conversation. The many combinations of "body poses and face gestures" could provide insight into who is telling you the truth and who is attempting to mislead you, from the yellow-featured taco sign person to a pirate bartender with a lousy memory (or so he and his parrot claim). 

If, like us, you missed its stealth release several weeks ago, you can find the "fun and cozy" Arthur & Susan: Almost Detectives on Steam for Windows PC.


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