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Just a Walk in the Park saunters out on VR

Just a Walk in the Park saunters out on VR
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Virtual reality swamp escape puzzler available now for download on Steam

Whatever you do, don't believe the titular lie of the newly released VR puzzler Just a Walk in the Park. The latest creation from indie developer A Steaming Pile of Games will prove to be anything BUT a walk in the park ... and no self-respecting adventure gamer would have it any other way. 

It starts out that way, sure. It's a bright, sunny day and you're enjoying a relaxed stroll through the scenic National Forest park when suddenly things take a turn for the worse. You return to your car to discover that someone has chained the exit, and as "bizarre sounds fill the air ... before you can make sense of it all, a powerful blow strikes your head." When you regain consciousness, you find yourself trapped in "the depths of a remote shack," the gloomy darkness outside accurately representing the ominous circumstances of your captivity. Adding to your dread is a book about cannibalism and a newspaper article reporting on the victims of the Blackbriar, better known as the "Hillbilly Swamp." Will you be the swamp's next victim, or can you solve the puzzles to become one of "the few who manage to escape this mysterious ordeal?"

The VR-exclusive Just a Walk in the Park promises to immerse players in a desolate wetland compound environment where "the line between reality and fiction blurs" and "the swamp's eerie presence threatens to consume you." To survive its dangers, you'll need to overcome a variety of "intricate puzzles" that will test both your nerve and your ingenuity, such as the ever-rotating wooden walkways that elusively tease a path out of this gator-infested morass. As you progress, "every step holds the promise of discovery" and gradually you'll come to unravel the swamp's "secrets and hidden truths." The gameplay experience has been designed with player comfort and accessibility in mind, offering a range of movement options and standing or sitting modes to suit any level of motion tolerance. 

Just a Walk in the Park (not!) is available now for download on Steam, with "most modern headsets supported." 


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