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RE:CALL to be distributed on Steam for PC

RE:CALL to be distributed on Steam for PC
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Demo available for time-altering visual novel-style adventure from the creator of Evan's Remains


Usually time travel involves complicated (and often illicit and closely guarded) machinery, but what if you could alter the past simply by exploring your own memories? This awesome (if troubling) power is right at your fingertips in RE:CALL, the upcoming visual novel-style adventure from the creator of Evan's Remains.

Presented largely as a series of flashbacks, the game grants you the ability to chart new paths through your own memories, which in turn will have an immediate impact on your present-day reality. You'll need it, too, because you'll face a series of otherwise impenetrable circumstances, and only revisiting past events to make different decisions will allow you to progress. Will you use a rock to distract or wound a guard blocking passage, or will you take even more extreme measures? And if you do, what consequences will that have in the moments ahead? These are the dilemmas you'll need to face if you're going to "escape a factory, solve a crime, and win over your adversaries."

The latest creation of Matías Schmied retains the same pixel art aesthetic and visual novel-style storytelling as the indie developer's 2020 puzzle-platformer, but there is no running and jumping to contend with this time around. Here the focus is purely on narrative, featuring "a diverse cast of 10 unique characters, each with their own quirks and relationships with the protagonist." There's nothing straightforward about this "literal mind-bending adventure," however, so exploring and experimenting are crucial for puzzling your way through the many obstacles and dangers that can mean a quick death or game-over if you fail (followed by a quick and painless restart to try again).

While the full game isn't due to be launched on Steam until December 15th, a demo is available now to download, offering a sample taste of what's to come.


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