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James Peris returns in The Fountain of Eternal Drunkenness on Steam

James Peris returns in The Fountain of Eternal Drunkenness on Steam
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Follow-up to 2012 point-and-click cartoon spy adventure called available now for download on Windows PC


He may not be quite the household name that James Bond is, but perhaps that's (at least partly) because James Peris only takes on a new case every decade or so. But since his first commercial adventure was in 2012, that means it's time for another, this time in the form of the newly released James Peris 2: The Fountain of Eternal Drunkenness.

In his previous outing, No License, No Control, the rookie secret agent 00.5 was sent out to find another missing operative. In the sequel, James has not one but two different missions assigned to him. Not only will he have to confront a mafia boss to retrieve "the lost necklace of Sant Angelo, one of the jewels created by Leonardo Da Vinci," he'll also need to locate the "mythical Holy Great Beer, a legendary artifact forgotten for centuries."

As with its predecessor, James Peris 2 is a hand-painted cartoony point-and-click adventure, this time with even more "adult humor and a touch of hooliganism." In fact, indie Spanish developer Pavo Entertainment is promising "much more of everything," with over 60 scenes to explore, plenty of puzzles to solve in nonlinear fashion, and "lots of girls" to chat up along the way. You'll also need to collect money (and spend it), and for those looking to add to the projected fifteen hours of gameplay, there are "absurd achievements" to pursue as well.

James Peris 2: The Fountain of Eternal Drunkenness is available now, so to become licensed to play, all you need to do is grab the game on Steam (under its Spanish subtitle "La fuente de la eterna embriaguez") for Windows PC.


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