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NecroBoy: Path To Evilship ends up on Steam

NecroBoy: Path To Evilship ends up on Steam
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Cartoony underworld environmental puzzler available now for download on Windows PC


Death is rarely the end in adventure games. At worst it's merely a reload moment, and at best death is when the fun really starts. Indie French developer Chillin' Wolf's newly released NecroBoy: Path To Evilship is the latest entry very much in the latter camp.

Players control the eponymous "megalomaniacal master of minions," a "not-too-bright and rather dramatic necromancer ostracized from birth." In order to take revenge on those who shunned him, NecroBoy seeks the powers of NecroMan, an "infamous necromancer that tyrannized the kingdom a century ago." To acquire them, he'll need to delve deep into the former ruler's crypt, solving a variety of environmental puzzles along the way. Or rather, raise minions to do his bidding for him, including his "recently resurrected servant" named Lackey, who "possesses greater intellect" than his fellow undead underlings.

Described as "silly, spooky, and logically stupefying puzzle adventure game," NecroBoy is a whimsically cel-shaded third-person 3D experience. The only way you can overcome obstacles is by raising the souls of NecroMinions from the dead and giving them orders, such as squeezing into small spaces to flip levers or grouping together to push heavy blocks out of the way. The early stages will introduce the protagonist's unique powers, but the further you progress, the more "perilous and frustrating" the challenges will become, including traps, fire, and even bosses unwilling to let you pass. If you're smart you'll listen to Lackey, who attempts (often futilely) to "impart wisdom and guidance upon his master," though it may just turn out that Lackey is hiding "a secret of his own."

If you're up for some wacky tomb-raiding hijinks, you can get started right away as NecroBoy: Path To Evilship is available now on Steam for Windows PC.


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