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Carol Reed series lives on in upcoming Dead Drop

Carol Reed series lives on in upcoming Dead Drop
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Nineteenth installment in popular Swedish detective series coming digitally to PC on January 1st


We're not done with 2023 by any means yet, but we're close enough to the end to begin anticipating an annual new year's event: no, not hangovers and short-lived resolutions, but a brand new Carol Reed mystery from MDNA Games. And Swedish developer has no plans to disappoint, unveiling the latest case for his private detective in the form of Dead Drop.

As the (rather cynical but all too accurate) axiom goes, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. That's certainly true for Erik, who is hired by an anonymous client to "gather seemingly trivial information about the government agency that he works for." At first everything goes smoothly: the money is good, and Erik "finds his new tasks compelling." But before long the demands on him become more complex and borderline illegal, but no matter how uncomfortable they make him feel, Erik "realizes that it's too late to pull out." Enter one Carol Reed, whom Erik turns to in order to "help him terminate his assignment, and find out what his client's real motivations are."

Dead Drop represents the incredible nineteenth installment in the enduring indie series, and developer Mikael Nyqvist knows not to mess with success. As with its predecessors, the new game will be made up of a wide variety of photographs taken from around Nyqvist's native Sweden – many of them scenic, some of them seedy, but all of them a wonderful showcase for the lesser-known parts of the country that lie outside the beaten path. Players will once again be beating their own path using a simple first-person, slideshow-style point-and-click control scheme, with an eclectic cast of characters to interact with, clues to find and many puzzles to solve.

As has become custom, Dead Drop looks set to be the first game to arrive in 2024, available exclusively on the MDNA website as a digital download for Windows PC on January 1st.

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  1. Carol Reed games, one of my favorite series. It takes me a long time to finish one cause a am looking all around with every move, not wanting to miss something… his photos just capture me.


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