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FINIS gets started on PC and PlayStation platforms

FINIS gets started on PC and PlayStation platforms
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Choice-driven 3D "psychological evaluation through colors" coming November 2nd to Xbox devices


Choice in games is somewhat illusory, as there's always someone behind the scenes pulling the strings and limiting player agency. But solo developer K148 Game Studio's newly released FINIS promises to put that notion to the test far more than most – quite literally, using color.

Rather than tell a particular story, this game represents a "psychological journey through colors." It's based on the Lüscher test, which theorizes that our color preferences are subjective, and therefore our perspectives and personality traits are objectively measurable based on our color choices. In FINIS you will explore 21 different worlds with a "visual narrative" tailored to one of eight different paths you're following. Each world presents a different mood-influencing experience, such as "terror, calm, destruction [and] war." At each branching choice point, you can select only one color, resulting in your own personal evaluation that drives your progress forward.

Describing itself as a "groundbreaking gaming experience that goes beyond mere entertainment," FINIS is a free-roaming first-person adventure through a wide variety of distinct environments. Settings range from neo-noir cityscapes, to futuristic flying vehicles, fields littered with the skeletons of giant creatures, and the middle of an armed battle, each intended to evoke a visceral response that prompts your next decision. The game isn't on rails, fortunately, as you can expect a number of puzzling challenges to overcome along the way. No two playthroughs will be alike, as there are "hundreds of combinations" available, leading to a number of alternate endings and your own personal final assessment.

For a tangible evaluation of who you (think you) are, you can begin the test anytime as FINIS is available now on Steam for Windows PC, along with a console version for PlayStation devices, with the Xbox version following close behind, expected on November 2nd.


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