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The Telephone ready for connection on PC

The Telephone ready for connection on PC
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First-person psychological horror game about ten missing girls available now for download on Steam


Of all the horrors we like to scare ourselves silly with, surely the most terrifying are the ones that could actually happen. One such plausible nightmare is the abduction of young women, like in Daniele Doesn't Matter's newly released psychological horror adventure, The Telephone.

Bad enough that Roberta has been kidnapped, but she awakens alone in a small room with no memories of where she is or how she got there either. The only objects of note nearby are a "seemingly non-working telephone and a chalkboard with instructions to follow." In the room next door is another young woman being held captive, and it turns out they're just two of ten girls who have been reported missing. In order to escape and figure out why they've been abducted, the two will need to explore the house in which they're both trapped, and ultimately venture out into the "mysterious town of Lonely Plain, searching for clues that can help Roberta regain her memory."

The Telephone is described as a "first-person psychological horror game that will transport you to a world governed by anxiety." As you freely roam the town's rain-soaked streets, underground sewers and surrounding countryside, the "darkness, fog, and paranormal events will increase Roberta's fear," so you'll need to find light sources and "guide her to safe places" to recover. There will be puzzles to solve along the way, but you may also need to ward off evil creatures at times, and find food for nourishment to keep Roberta healthy and alive.

If you've got the mettle to help these young women safely home, there's no better time than the present, as The Telephone is available now on Steam for Windows PC.


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