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One Night: Burlesque to open November 3rd

One Night: Burlesque to open November 3rd
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Visual novel-styled murder prevention mystery coming to PC and Nintendo Switch


The bad thing about even the best whodunits is that they can only be solved after the damage is done. Not so in RedDeer.Games' upcoming One Night: Burlesque, which focuses not on solving a murder, but in figuring out who's planning to commit one before it happens.

Instead of doing her usual burlesque show at the ritzy Angels Den, one night a talented dancer named Holly abruptly takes to the stage to urgently demonstrate her other great gift: telepathy. She can sense that someone in the room plans to kill the club's lead dancer after tonight's performance, but in order to identify the culprit before it's too late, you must "navigate a labyrinth of tangled relationships and peel back the layers of deceit" among those present. Through conversation and strategic use of your telepathic gift, you must "delve into the minds" of potential suspects, all of whom seem to have have secrets but "not all are willing to share them right away." There's no time to waste, but caution is still required as the fate of your friend depends on the choices you make and the information you uncover.

One Night: Burlesque is presented in noir-steeped, hand-drawn black and white, with just the occasional splash of colour for effect. This "smoky, seductive world" is largely the same as our own, but here people possess "supernatural abilities that drive them insane if they do not use ODDERAL, a drug that suppresses their effects." You won't be supressing yours this night, however, in order to prevent the would-be homicide, no matter the risk to yourself. Gameplay is of the conversational visual novel variety with some minigames sprinkled in, as you slowly begin to reveal "the heart of a tarry noir tale, where the fluff of peacock feathers and sequins darkens under the influence of crime lurking in the shadows."

The curtain is set to rise soon, as One Night: Burlesque is due to arrive on Steam for Windows PC on November 3rd, along with a Nintendo Switch console version.


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