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Freaky Trip to get underway October 6th

Freaky Trip to get underway October 6th
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Cartoon-styled "totally absurd" puzzle adventure coming next month to PC and Nintendo Switch


If you like your adventure games with the zaniness quotient cranked to maximum, you'll soon get your wish in the form of the upcoming Freaky Trip, developed in-house by prolific indie publisher RedDeer.Games.

Players control a cute square-shaped critter called Salcy, whose beloved baby bird Cockapoo has wandered off. Frantic to find and save the helpless young chick from dangers she's sure to get herself into, Salcy sets out on an rescue mission through a world that seems strangely familiar and yet in some ways very different from our own. Along the way, the little protagonist will encounter a variety of similarly almost real animals, from deflated elephants to vacationing penguins to artistic ostriches, each with its own concerns that you'll need to help them resolve in order to win their favour.

Described as a "humorous and totally absurd point-and-click adventure," the wordless, hand-drawn Freaky Trip is very much a colourful cartoon come to life, accompanied by suitably peppy, whimsical music. You'll traverse fourteen distinct levels in this "surreal, cheerful world" filled with puzzles that "may not be entirely logical." Indeed, normal rules don't apply here, so experimentation is encouraged because anything and everything might be part of the solution, no matter how unlikely. The best and only real hope of success is to "think outside the box, be unpredictable [and] try all possibilities."

While no actual launch date has been set yet, Freaky Trip is just around the corner, with an expected release sometime in October on Steam for Windows PC, along with a console version on the Nintendo eShop for Switch.



Update: Since time of writing, the launch date has been confirmed for October 6th. 


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