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SOWON: Dream Adventure is so out for Windows PC

SOWON: Dream Adventure is so out for Windows PC
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Korean 3D puzzle adventure set in a fantastical toy world available now on Steam


The thought of being left alone with no supervision in a land of toys might be every small child's greatest desire, but another good reminder to be careful what one wishes for is PUMPKIN's newly released 3D puzzle adventure, SOWON: Dream Adventure.

The game is named after its young protagonist, a little girl who awakens to find her parents missing. Roaming the house in search of them, Sowon makes her way into the attic, which has been "locked for as long as she can remember." Then suddenly, to her great surprise, "the house collapses, and she falls into the world of toys." There she meets a wide variety of living dolls, but not everyone is friendly to her cause, including Clover, a scientist with a passion for dissembling toys who "wants to dissect Sowon as well," and Jack, a "joker ... known for his humor and brutality" who becomes the "prime suspect in the abduction of Sowon's parents."

Presented in free-roaming third-person 3D, the world of SOWON is "beautiful and mysterious, but full of bizarre sights as well." Similarly, the different characters you meet range from "the most hideous of dolls to the most desired," each with its own "crooked charm." Every new area features its own unique lighting, along with other "flavors and elements" to keep the experience fresh. To help Sowon find her parents and escape, players must talk to everyone, find clues, and collect tools that will help solve "all sorts of puzzles" along the way. You may need to ask for assistance at times, however, as "communication is key if you wish to unravel all the secrets."

After three years in development and a highly successful crowdfunding campaign on the Korean site Tumblbug, at last SOWON: Dream Adventure is now complete and has been released on Steam for Windows PC.


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