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Mirrored Souls becomes tangible on PC and consoles

Mirrored Souls becomes tangible on PC and consoles
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Mirrored Souls comes to life on PC and consoles

Relaxed split-screen "single-player co-op" puzzle platformer available now to download


Most puzzle-based adventures are purely solo experiences, but more and more games have been leaning into cooperative multiplayer experiences. Indie developer The Bricks Studio aims to split the difference right down the middle – literally – in their newly released "single-player-co-op" puzzle-platformer Mirrored Souls.

Ravi and Daru are two celestial beings who love each other deeply but are forever separated in mirrored worlds. It's the player's job to reunite these star-crossed lovers by traversing portals within their own worlds in search of one that will finally bring them together. The catch is, you'll need to control each character simultaneously, solving puzzles in which both Ravi and Daru and respond to your actions with different results in their mirrored yet very different worlds.

Inspired by the art of Studio Ghibli and GRIS, the puzzle-centric gameplay of Braid, and the relaxed atmosphere of Journey, the vividly hand-drawn Mirrored Souls tells a contemplative, philosophical story about "the dilemma between the fleeting nature of life and love. There is some jumping to do from platform to platform, but this is no action game that depends on speed or reflexes but rather thoughtful planning and strategy to get both characters successfully to their portal exits in each level. With Ravi and Daru's worlds taking up one half of the screen (whether right/left or top/bottom depending on the environment), moving both characters "precisely" is intended to challenge your "coordination, perception and problem-solving skills."

If you're an incurable romantic with a passion for puzzles, you can jump in immediately as Mirrored Souls is available now on Steam and Epic for Windows PC, along with console versions for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.


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