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The Haunted Hospice now open through Steam

The Haunted Hospice now open through Steam
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First-person survival horror available now for download on Windows and Linux


Hospitals are supposed to be places to save lives and make people well. In games, however, they're often places of terror and death instead. You can probably guess which applies to The haunted hospice, the newly released survival horror adventure from indie developer NH-Productions.

You've traveled with your friends to investigate an island that was abandoned long ago but where rumours say strange things continue to occur. Once there, one of your friends becomes separated from the group and lost, so you venture out on your own to search for him. Unfortunately, you soon find yourself trapped in the creepy old hospital. Almost all the doors are locked, and what's worse is that you're not so alone in this place after all. It seems there may be deranged former patients still residing here, and if you're not careful there could be danger lurking around every corner. You'll need to avoid their wrath, solve puzzles and use whatever items you can find if you're to escape this place alive.

The haunted hospice is a free-roaming, first-person adventure in which you must thoroughly explore the hospital and its immediate surroundings, including a small ill-foreboding cemetery. The places is in shambles, with furniture, equipment and garbage everywhere. Scattered blood stains appear alarming fresh, there are strange occult writings on the wall, and the darkened hallways are dimly illuminated only by candles.To survive you must scrounge for and perhaps combine any tools you find, including a UV black light to expose secrets hidden to the naked eye, and even a magnetic fish that may come in handy. There are also 60 different collectibles for completionists to find, though these won't help you to elude the saw-wielding madman and others who will stop at nothing to keep you from succeeding.

If you think you have what it takes to survive the psychos roaming The haunted hospice, you can book yourself in right away as the game is now available on Steam for Windows and Linux.


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