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Mechanic 8230 gearing up for second installment Mission Citytone

Mechanic 8230 gearing up for second installment Mission Citytone
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Sequel to last year's point-and-click sci-fi adventure Escape from Ilgrot coming soon on Steam


Nudiventra's Mechanic 8230: Escape from Ilgrot didn't have a "Part 1" attached when it launched last year, but it really represented just the start of an ongoing trilogy. Fortunately there shouldn't be too long to wait for the middle installment, as the first details have now been revealed for Mission Citytone.

The first game introduced players to the postapocalyptic world of Bifrostia, and in particular the ruined city of Ilgrot. There a "talented mechanic" named Vigo and his RO-2 unit robot friend set out to escape the city, all while "unknown enemies" pursued the droid for their own purposes. This time around, Vigo and RO-2 find themselves on the space station Citytone, where the pair will "uncover the secrets of the enigmatic Ancient race and aid those left on board." Once again, however, there's potential danger around every corner, in the mechanical form of a robot named Lefko who is "lurking somewhere in the shadows."

As with its predecessor, Mission Citytone will feature beautifully hand-drawn graphics "filled with retrofuturistic spirit," accompanied by a "punk ambient soundtrack" and classic-styled point-and-click gameplay somewhat reminiscent of Amanita's Machinarium. With a whole new setting to explore come new characters to meet, new objects to collect, and a variety of new puzzles and mini-games to complete along the way.

Mechanic 8230: Mission Citytone is still at least a year away from being complete, but the game is already available for wishlishlisting on Steam for Windows and Linux.


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