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Playable demo surfaces for Dark Tides

Playable demo surfaces for Dark Tides
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New demo surfaces for Dark Tides

Full version of supernatural Victorian-era point-and-click adventure coming to PC in late 2024


The ghostbusters weren't around in the Victorian era, so when something strange appears in the formerly quaint English town of Cape Fortune, the one to call is psychic Theodora Green in Hammered Crow Games' upcoming supernatural point-and-click horror adventure, Dark Tides.

Actually, Theodora is only a phony boardwalk psychic – or at least she was, until she suddenly developed the power to read minds for real just as her seaside town began experiencing "a rash of demonic possessions." Now she may be Cape Fortune's only hope, with help from a talking weasel named Soot, who has himself been possessed by a "somewhat well-meaning demon." Together they must piece together the mystery of why this is happening, and "deceive, charm and chat their way into saving the town."

Dark Tides is a traditional point-and-click adventure but presented in full 3D, the camera swinging around Theodora as you guide her through more than 50 unique locations, ranging from "a taxidermy shop and a pirate pub to a cemetery train and run-down freak show." Along the way you'll encounter a "bizarre" cast of fully voiced characters to win over, including the grieving recluse Lord Edmund Bellamy and the competitive fellow mystic Mr. Critchshaw, plus numerous items to collect and puzzles to solve if you're to succeed in your "horrifying" quest to rid the townsfolk of their demonic invaders before it's too late.

The full version of Dark Tides isn't due out until sometime late next year, but you can get an early first taste of what to expect from the playable demo on Steam for Windows PC, in which you must gather the items needed to perform a seance to make contact with Lord Bellamy's dearly departed wife and daughter, all while investigating why an "otherworldly" aura hangs heavily around the manor.


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