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Demo pushed out for The Adventures of R. Sole

Demo pushed out for The Adventures of R. Sole
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Episodic debut of multiverse-spanning point-and-click adventure coming to Windows and Mac in early 2024


The multiverse is at stake! And this time there's no superhero like the Avengers, the Flash, or Michelle Yeoh to save it, just the reluctant titular protagonist of Boxblue Studios' upcoming episodic series The Adventures of R. Sole.

R. Sole is an ordinary, somewhat jerk-ish guy stuck in a monotonous IT job when he's suddenly "catapulted into a multiverse of mayhem and mischief." After a night of drinking, a woman named Harper appears and claims to be from a parallel universe with news of crucial importance. It seems an "evil madman" named Masterstoke has set out to "wipe out all the R. Soles across different realities." He's killed dozens already, and now it's this R. Sole's turn. It's not just our hero's fate that's at stake, however, but the very fabric of reality. And so, armed only with "sarcasm and impatience," he must "embark on a thrilling quest to save the multiverse, stop Masterstoke, and uncover the reasons behind this villain's destructive mission.

Presented in stylish hi-res hand-drawn graphics, The Adventures of R. Sole is a classic-styled third-person adventure that "pays homage to the classics by Lucas Arts and Sierra On-Line." The interface is pure point-and-click, and players can expect to encounter a variety of pop culture references, "mind-boggling puzzles and hilarious characters" along the way. The first order of business is to repair Harper's "smarmy" malfunctioning drone named W.A.N.G. (if the main character's name didn't tip you off, expect plenty of innuendo-laden humour), but this is just the first step in what promises to be a "rollercoaster ride through mind-bending dimensions, where your wits and quick thinking will be put to the test."

Intended to be an episodic series, with each new installment building upon what came before, The Adventures of R. Sole is on track to debut in early 2024. There's no need to wait for a first taste, however, as a playable prologue is available now on and Game Jolt for Windows and Mac.


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