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Mindset fully formed on Meta Quest 2

Mindset fully formed on Meta Quest 2
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Introspective cube puzzler with hand tracking available today exclusively on the Quest Store


The thought of an afterlife filled with cube puzzles may be your idea of heaven or hell, which should give you a pretty good idea of your interest in Carbon Studio's newly released hand-tracking VR adventure, Mindset.

By any medical definition, your life is over, but "thanks to science and innovative methods, you have a chance to wake up from ... whatever this is." In something like a lucid dream, you must now unravel the mystery of your own past by exploring your subconsious. Your thoughts are "interspersed with events from your life," in which a series of moral dilemmas and "dozens of varied cube-shaped puzzles with multiple ways of solving them" are all that stand between you and the possibility of returning to the living world.

Described as an "introspective puzzler plumbing the depths of the human mind," Mindset consists of a fully voiced three-chapter storyline across an "ever-changing environment full of vibrant colors." Along the way you'll find a variety of "intricate mechanisms and triggers based on momentum, gravity, and general physics." The gameplay has been designed exclusively for VR, utilizing an "advanced hand tracking system that enables you to activate, connect, and shift an array of combinations with your own hands" for a more immersive sense of physical interactivity with the cubic puzzles you'll need to solve.

Mindset is available today for download exclusively from the Quest Store for Quest, Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro headsets.


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