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First hints of Dimhaven Enigmas revealed

First hints of Dimhaven Enigmas revealed
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Creators of Quern: Undying Thoughts unveil next first-person 3D mystery adventure


It's been six years since Zadbox Entertainment dazzled us with their impressive debut adventure, Quern: Undying Thoughts. It may be a while longer yet for their follow-up, but the indie UK developer has at last pulled back the curtain on their next project, Dimhaven Enigmas.

While story details are sparse, you'll arrive at the titular Dimhaven to find a scenic mountain river valley, a majestic stone bridge, a Stonehenge-like monument and bright neon arrows inviting visitors, and yet the stunning vistas and warm welcome clearly belie a troubling mystery that has left the place deserted and half-sunken ships abandoned offshore. What happened here? You'll need to thoroughly search this "surreal and abstract world" in your attempt to "uncover the truth behind the Ravenwood legacy ... and confront the shadows that lurk within."

That's about all we know of Dimhaven Enigmas so far, but the new game looks to follow in the impressive footsteps of its predecessor in all the right ways. As with Quern, the game will be a free-roaming 3D first-person adventure filled with "dark secrets and atmospheric exploration." As you progress through this "seemingly quiet place where ... the boundaries of reality blur," players will need to "investigate mysterious ruins, haunting landscapes, interact with the eerie inhabitants," and of course solve a series of increasingly "mind-bending puzzles" along the way.

There is no target release date for Dimhaven Enigmas just yet, but the game is already available for wishlisting on Steam, and you can sign up for progress updates at the game's official website, or follow the team through their social media channels listed there.


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