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Lake to rise again with Season's Greetings DLC

Lake to rise again with Season's Greetings DLC
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Wintry holiday-themed expansion to relaxing mail delivery slice-of-life adventure coming this November


We're just about as far as is chronogically possible from Christmas at the moment, but it's never too early to give some thought to the next holiday season, especially when it means the arrival of Season's Greetings, a DLC expansion to last year's charming mail delivery slice-of-life adventure, Lake.

Lake introduced players to the quaint little town of Providence Oaks, Oregon, circa 1986, where a 40-something-year-old woman named Meredith Weiss found refuge from big city life by returning to her childhood home to fill in for her father as the local mail carrier for two weeks. Along with delivering the mail, players could choose how the protagonist would spend her downtime, perhaps to "rekindle old friendships, make new ones, and maybe even find romance." Rather than continuing Meredith's story, the DLC takes place less than a year earlier, with players assuming the role of the town's regular mailman, Meredith's father Thomas. Not only will there be many more packages and parcels to deliver, but the change in characters will offer a new generational perspective on the parent-daughter relationship, and provide chances to demonstrate the "positive role an amiable mailman can play in all sorts of small-town drama."

The most obvious change from the original Lake will be a lovely layer of snow, but Season's Greetings isn't just the same game reskinned. Instead it's being "built from the ground up to let players experience a game in the true spirit of Christmas," including a "bombardment of Christmas-themed music and movies" to really get people in the festive mood. And while the DLC promises to bring back many familiar faces and offer "the same relaxing gameplay" as its predecessor, there will be five completely new characters this time around, "each of them with their own slice-of-life storylines."

While you won't need to have played Lake to enjoy the new installment (it is a prequel, after all), note that the original game must be owned to experience the new content. No specific launch date has yet been revealed, but Season's Greetings should arrive on Steam and other platforms sometime in November, in plenty of time to make it part of your holiday activities.


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